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Childcare providers protect the health of children by serving nutritious foods in clean and safe methods. While learning about Food Safety is important – It is imperative for childcare workers since they service a high-risk population. During the training, using information developed specifically for childcare and home-based centers, we will address the importance of safety and sanitation in preparation, storing and serving safe meals to the children in your care. Our focus will be to Clean, Separate, Cook, and Cool. During the training session, we will cover many topics, which includes the following childcare specific lessons: Clean and Sanitize Bottles for Infant Feeding Safe Mealtime for Children Organizing a Child-Friendly Kitchen for Home-based Childcare Centers Food Sanitation and Parental Involvement This training is recommended for commercial childcare providers, private home-based childcare providers, babysitters and parents of children with compromised immune systems. Please email fpmc@dmvfoodsafety.com if you are interested in this training session.
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